Alisio Winds

Alisio Winds is a chamber ensemble of four of Copenhagen’s most diverse and adventurous woodwind players. Drawing from the members’ intersecting backgrounds in the realms of jazz, classical, contemporary and world music, the quartet’s repertoire includes self-composed music, along with improvisational sketches and spontaneous arrangements of folk melodies.

With an international casting, the quartet presents a bespoke timbre in which various combinations of flutes, clarinets and saxophones create a luminous and dynamic sound palette, and intervening lines along with contrasting textures are woven together with a playful inventiveness.

Mariane Bitran (FR) – flutes
Carolyn Goodwin (IRL) – clarinet, saxophones
Simon Spang-Hansen (DK) – flute, saxophones
Eloi Calame (CH) – bass clarinet, clarinet

Thou Sonic Friend

Three musicians of great sensitivity explore the spaces of sound in between and within them. Using voices and all possible sounds of their instruments, the three create a parallel universe, a palette of soundcolours where the listeners can cruise their own imaginations.

Drawing from their backgrounds in different fields of contemporary music, the trio’s correspondence of spirit and approach creates a beautiful foundation for this brand new musical project.

“They play music, the likes of which I have not heard before. A form of jazz and poetry,  but without calling upon a poet from the outside. The poetry springs from their very core. They are pretty outstanding.” – Christian Braad Thomsen

Birgitte Lyregaardvoice, percussion
Carolyn Goodwin – clarinets, voice
Peter Tinningguitar, effects, voice

Clang Sayne

Clang Sayne was formed by Laura Hyland in London in 2008 to fuse myriad influences spanning folk song, sound art and literature into a soundworld she describes as ‘songscape’. Reviewers have dubbed it an “an uncategorizable approach to songcraft” and “exhilarating in its refusal to conform”. They independently released their new album, ‘The Round Soul of the World’ in March 2017.

Laura Hyland – voice, guitar
Judith Ring – voice, cello
Matthew Jacobsondrums, voice
Carolyn Goodwin – bass clarinet, voice